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GRAEC structure and partners

The GRAEC group is an autonomous CNRS unit (GDR CNRS 2967). The GRAEC comprises seven permanent members (1 professor, 5 CNRS scientists, 1 Assistant Engineer) and PhD students. This permanent core is completed by masters students, post-docs, and invited researchers and professors.

This research group is attached to the "Audition" team of the "Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception, CNRS (head: K.O'Regan)" (the "Audition" team conducting more fundamental research projects on normal auditory perception), and is currently directed by Pr. C. Lorenzi.

The GRAEC also includes ENT clinicians: Pr B. Meyer (St Antoine & Tenon Hospitals, Paris), Pr. B. Frachet (Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny), Pr. N. Garabeddian (Trousseau Hospital, Paris), Pr O. Sterkers (Beaujon Hospital, Paris), Pr. P. Tran Ba Huy (Lariboisière Hospital, Paris), Pr. T. van den Abbeele (Robert Debré Hospital, Paris), Pr. V Couloigner (Necker Hospital, Paris), and Pr. A. Chays (Debré Hospital, Reims)., Dr C. Poncet (St Antoine & Tenon Hospitals, Paris, Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny), Dr. D. Bouccara (Beaujon Hospital, Paris), Dr. N. Loundon (Trousseau Hospital, Paris), Pr F. Desnoyelle (Trousseau Hospital, Paris), Dr. S. Marlin (Trousseau Hospital, Paris), Dr. M. Ouayoun (Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny), Dr. E. Harboun Cohen (Avicenne Hospital, Bobigny), audiologists (Stephane Garnier, Xavier Debruille, ...Entendre SAS) and speech therapists (Annie Dumont, Stéphanie Borel, ...APHP).

The GRAEC federates research in experimental audiology across eight Hospitals (CHU) of the Ile de France region and Reims. It also includes non academic partners from three cochlear implant companies (Advanced Bionics, MXM Neurelec, Med-EL), and develops links with the French audiologists group "Entendre SAS".

Permanent research scientists

PhD students


Additionally, the laboratory welcomes every year several undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral students and visiting professors and researchers.

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