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Sensory Processing: how the Past affects the Present

Paris, 21 and 22 November 2013

Organized by Alain de Cheveigné, Daniel Pressnitzer, Israel Nelken, and Claire Chambers, with the assistance of Clémentine Fourrier-Eyraud.
In the series New Ideas in Hearing of the IEC
Venue: Amphi Curien, PSL, 62-bis Rue Gay-Lussac, Paris. Map including venue and most hotels
What we perceive at a given instant is to some extent influenced by past experience. However, the precise nature of this influence has still to be clarified. In one view of sensory processing, memory and context effects come after basic feature extraction, which is for the most part hardwired, and then modulate perceptual outcome. A different view is that rapid plasticity is pervasive in the system and shapes perception at many levels of processing, in an adaptive manner. In this workshop we plan to bring together psychophysicists, neurophysiologists, and theoreticians, in order to review the evidence for adaptive processing in sensory perception (audition, vision, whisker system) and extract some of its functional principles and benefits.
Expected participants:

Merav Ahissar, Mathew Diamond, Emmanuel Dupoux, Kenneth Harris, Hynek Hermansky, Annika Linke, Lori Holt, Patrick Kanold, Leila Khoury, Yonatan Loewenstein, Andrew Oxenham, Daniel Pressnitzer, John Rinzel, Aaron Seitz,
Trevor Agus, Daniel Bendor, Samuele Carcagno, Rhodri Cusack, Laurent Daudet, Laurent Demany, Fred Dick, Jean-Marc Edeline, Mounya Elhilali, Bernhard Englitz, Jonathan Fritz, Makio Kashino Christian Lorenzi, Miguel Maravall, Pascal Mamassian, Ernest Montbriò, Maneesh Sahani, Jan Schnupp, Daniel Shulz, Shihab Shamma, Jean-Luc Schwartz, Daniel Tollin, Naftali Tishby
Schedule. Each 50' slot comprises a 20-30' minute talk and a 30-20' discussion.

Thursday 21:Friday 22:
9:50 (50') Aaron Seitz
10:40 (30') COFFEE
11:10 (50') Kenneth Harris
12:00 (50') Yonatan Loewenstein
12:50 (80') LUNCH
14:10 (50') Mathew Diamond
15:00 (50') Lori Holt
15:50 (30') COFFEE
16:20 (50') Hynek Hermansky
17:10 (50') Emmanuel Dupoux
9:30 (50') Daniel Pressnitzer
10:20 (50') Leila Khouri
11:10 (30') COFFEE
11:40 (50') John Rinzel
12:30 (50') Merav Ahissar
13:20 (80') LUNCH
14:40 (50') Andrew Oxenham
15:30 (50') Patrick Kanold
16:20 (20') COFFEE
16:40 (50') Annika Linke
17:30 END

Talkers, titles and abstracts:
This workshop is funded by the
Haut Conseil Fr anco-Israélien pour la Science et la Technologie, programme Neurosciences Computationnelles et Science Cognitives Computationnelles, with the support of PSL Research University, ANR-11-0001-02 PSL* and ANR-10-LABX-0087.
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