PSL-UCL workshop on sensory systems in complex environments

London, 25-26 June 2015

Organized by Maria Chait, Peter Neri, Pascal Mamassian, Daniel Pressnitzer, Alain de Cheveigné
Lecture theatre, UCL Ear Institute, 332 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8EE, London, close to St Pancras International Station (Eurostar), Map
This workshop brings together researchers and students from UCL and PSL. It is loosely focused on sensory systems, both audition and vision, both biological and artificial, and also open to a wider scope of scientific and technological themes. The aim is to foster future exchanges and collaboration between UCL and PSL research teams.
Provisional list of participants:
Speakers: Joerg Albert, Ear Institute (UCL) Karim Benchenane, ESPCI (PSL), Fred Dick, Birkbeck-UCL Centre for Neuroimaging (UCL), Alan Johnston, Department of Experimental Psychology (UCL), Jennifer Linden, Ear Institute (UCL), Christian Lorenzi, ENS (PSL), Pascal Martin, Institut Curie (PSL), Daniel Pressnitzer, ENS (PSL), Stuart Rosen, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences (UCL), Maneesh Sahani, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit (UCL), Aman Saleem, Institute of Ophthalmology (UCL), German Sumbre, IBENS, ENS (PSL), Mickael Tanter, ESPCI (PSL).
Invited discussants: Daniel Bendor, Department of Experimental Psychology (UCL), Jennifer Bizley, Ear Institute (UCL), Yves Boubenec, ENS (PSL), Matteo Carandini, Institute of Opthalmology (UCL), Maria Chait, Ear Institute (UCL), Alain de Cheveigné, ENS (PSL), Vincent de Gardelle, (CNRS), John Greenwood, Experimental Psychology (UCL), Ken Harris, Institute of Neurology (UCL), Giandomenico Iannetti, Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology (UCL), Peter Keating, Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (University of Oxford), Nicolas Lesica, Ear Institute (UCL), Pascal Mamassian, ENS (PSL), Isabelle Mareschal, Biological and Chemical Sciences (Queen Mary), David McAlpine, Ear Institute (UCL), Peter Neri, ENS (PSL), D Sam Schwarzkopf, Department of Experimental Psychology (UCL), Marty Sereno, (UCL), Sam Solomon, Department of Experimental Psychology (UCL), Francois Vialatte, ESPCI (PSL), Biao Yang, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (UCL).
Invited students: Vincent Adam, Gatsby Institute (UCL), Thomas Andrillon, ENS (PSL), Dorothée Arzounian, ENS (PSL), Huriye Atilgan, Ear Institute (UCL), Nicolas Barascud, Ear Institute (UCL), Leonardo Barbosa, ENS (PSL), Jonathan Batten (Birkbeck University), Anissa Bellahcen ENS (PSL), Charlie Déméné, ESPCI (PSL), Gioia De Franceschi, Experimental Psychology (UCL), Mario Dipoppa, Institute of Neurology (UCL), Antoine Gaume, ESPCI (PSL), Nikos Gekas, ENS (PSL), Hadrien Jean, ENS (PSL), Alexandra Kalpadakis-Smith, Experimental Psychology (UCL), Hi-Jee Kang, ENS (PSL), Julie Lefort, ESPCI (PSL), Francesca Mastrogiuseppe, ENS (PSL), Jane Mattley, Ear Institute (UCL), Nihaad Paraouty, ENS (PSL), Theo Petsas, Ear Institute (UCL), Emmanuel Ponsot (IRCAM), Sylvia Schröder, Institute of Opthalmology (UCL), Camille Tardieu, Ear Institute (UCL), Mélanie Tobin, Institut Curie (PSL). Stephen Town, Ear Institute (UCL), Eszter Vertes, Gatsby Institute (UCL), Elena Zamfir, Gatsby Institute (UCL), Sijia Zhao, Ear Institute (UCL).
With the participation of: Myriam Nechad (PSL), Lorraine Dardis (UCL), Ian Scott (UCL).
Tentative schedule:
Thursday 25:Friday 26:
9:10 (40') Aman Saleem
9:50 (40') Karim Benchenane
10:30 (30') COFFEE
11:00 (40') Jennifer Linden
11:40 (40') Daniel Pressnitzer
12:20 (80') LUNCH
13:40 (40') Fred Dick
14:20 (40') Mickael Tanter
15:00 (30') COFFEE
15:30 (40') Christian Lorenzi
16:10 (40') Stuart Rosen
9:30 (40') Joerg Albert
10:10 (40') Pascal Martin
10:50 (30') COFFEE
11:20 (40') Alan Johnston
12:00 (40') German Sumbre
12:40 (70') LUNCH
13:50 (40') Maneesh Sahani
14:30 (60') THE FUTURE
15:30 END
16:15 Ken Harris's talk at FIL
Each 40' slot comprises a 20-30' minute talk and a 20-10' discussion.
Talkers, titles and abstracts:
This workshop is funded by
University College London and PSL Research University, ANR-11-0001-02 PSL* and ANR-10-LABX-0087.